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Margazhi Kolothsavam Season 3

Article by Srividya Srinivasan

For South-Indians all over the world, the month of Marghazhi is always associated with two inseparable things, the morning Suprabatham and Thirupaavai singing loudly from the tapes (and YouTube these days) and the ever so mesmerizing patterns that we proudly draw in front our homes…. The KOLAM.

Indian culture is always said to be a way of life and though over the years kolam is more associated with an art form from the bygone years it has its significance beyond that. Kolam is traditionally drawn with rice flour and the first thing in the morning when the lady of the house wakes up, it is a way of feeding the ants and birds and a way of invitation to the guests of the house including Goddess Lakshmi.

Added to that our ancient texts clarify that the ozone is at its closest to earth during this month (December 15 to January 15) and that staying outside longer means breathing in more fresh oxygen first thing in the morning. So the ritual of making women draw more elaborate patterns and more colourful rangoli spending more time outside during the wee hours of the day is actually for the better health benefit of the women who are otherwise inside the house most of the day.

Image Courtesy: Gandhimathy's Kolam, Winner of Kolothsavam Season 2  in Suzhi / Sikku Kolam Category
Image Courtesy: Gandhimathy's Kolam, Winner of Kolothsavam Season 2 in Suzhi / Sikku Kolam Category

With passing years the kolam has transformed a lot – has become artsy, more colourful and creative, but has not at all lost its charm and significance. Sapthavarna strives to ensure that the memories of the glorious way of life that has been ours while growing up, watching our mother and aunts make drawings so beautiful every day, never fade.

This is Sapthavarna’s 3rd season of KOLOTHSAVAM (from January 7th –January 18th 2023), inspiring women from all over the world to participate in the competition and share pictures of their daily art. After two successful seasons and convinced by the support that we have received, we have launched the third season of this competition.

Most of us draw kolams , small ones on a regular basis and always tell ourselves that tomorrow will be the day we shall attempt a bigger and better one, but the day rarely comes as we are busy in our lives. This contest is to inspire women to bring out their creativity and share their beautiful work with people from all over the world. A chance to share your art with others.

Kolam by Meenakshi Parameswaran, Winner of Kolothsavam Excellence Award, Kolothsavam Season 2

We have split up the contest under 5 different categories wanting to reward more participants.

  • Suzhi / Sikku Kolam - this is the quintessential kolam with all its curves and chains and sikkals , is said to help the women of the house arrive at solutions for problems by solving the sikkal in the kolam

  • Pulli Kolam with colours

  • Mana Kolam / Padi kolam – the traditional kolam patterns can be made up in anyway and is better with better imagination and patience. This is made with rice flour , typically drawn on festive occasions with a red( arakku border) signifying prosperity.

  • Kolam Crafts – this is a unique category where people abroad who are unable to draw their favourite rangoli at their door step can include the kolam patterns and create crafts inside their house for example, kolam on canvas or with kundan stones etc. Again, the sky is the limit and it can include anything that challenges the creativity of the person.

  • Freehand Rangoli - to inspire even those who are not used to making the traditional way of kolam, this category is innovative in a way to include 3D rangoli, geometric rangoli …the list can go on and include anything that best describes the creativity of the participants with colours

Rangoli by Aashika, Winner of Freehand Rangoli, Kolothsavam Season 2

We have received participation from hundreds of kolam enthusiasts from around the word this year and the entries have amazed us, with such different approaches the kolam competition has been taken to a different level of creativity that has blown our minds away. Every entry brings with it a surprise element.

Every category is going to have a winner and the winner will be announced though a virtual ceremony similar to the ones that we have been having in the past two years in colloboration with Slough Tamil Sangamam.

The virtual ceremony will be managed by Ms. Nithya Sowmy , Ms. Thanga Rekha and Ms. Sharanya Bharathwaj.The lively and participative ceremony concept they build for the awards function is sure to give all participants a memorable day and one that we can surely keep talking about for a long time to come.

It is a matter of immense pride to Sapthavarna that we are able to rope in the participation of such like minded enthusiasts who are instrumental in ensuring the art of kolam never fades and that it remains the face of our culture for years to come.

Rangoli by Vijayalakshmi, Winner of Freehand Rangoli, Kolothsavam Season 2

As we are compiling the participation that has flown in, we shall update on our site the date when we shall announce results and details of the virtual ceremony.

We would like to thank our sponsor, Co-sponsor - Smart Bazaar UK , Radio partner - BITR ( British Indian Tamil Radio), Virtual ceremony partner - SLOUGH Tamil Sangamam, YouTube partners - Nithus Recipes , Celebratios with Sharan , Priya Prabhu Vlogs.

We thank them for their constant support.

So long till we meet at out virtual ceremony.

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