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  • How do I register to Margazhi Kolothsavam 2020?
    Participants MUST submit the Registration form - Entries will not be accepted via whatspp or other social media platforms.
  • What are the categories in which I can submit my entry?
    Participant can submit entries in the following categories - Suzhi/ sikku kolam​ - Dot kolam - Mana kolam/ Padi kolam - Free hand Rangoli - Creative Home Decor Kolam - Make a craft/ creative home decor with kolam or rangoli and share the procedure or video of making with us. For eg, Kundan Rangoli, Kolam painting on canvas, kolam on coasters etc.
  • Can I submit Maa Kolam?
    Yes. You can submit Maa Kolam .
  • How many entries can I submit?
    You can submit a maximum of 5 entries across all categories. The 5 entries can be on the same category or across multiple categories. However, the total number of entries per participant MUST NOT exceed 5
  • Can I submit all 5 entries in the same registration form?
    No. You must submit one registration form per entry. If you want to submit 5 entries, you need to submit the registration form 5 times with the respective category
  • Should I submit all 5 entries on the same day?
    No. You can submit your entries any time throughout the duration of the contest.
  • How many photos do I need to submit?
    - Participants must submit atleast 2 photos - one half-done photo & one complete photo - You can upload upto five photos per entry - Photos submitted must include initial sketch or dots, one half-done photo and one completed Kolam/ Rangoli. - Note that entries without half-done photo will not be accepted. You must submit atleast one half-done photo and one complete photo. - If you have more than 5 photos, make it a collage but there MUST be atleast one photo of full kolam /rangoli without collage.
  • I am unable to upload photos from my phone. What should I do?
    Please ensure that you grant access to your browser to access your photos in the phone.
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