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29 Sweets of 29 Indian States - BUT YOU CAN'T EAT THESE!!! These are Clay MINIATURE

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Article by Chella Nathan


Indian food is extremely diverse and rich. Every state in India has its own speciality food, not one but many. They are based on the climatic influences, people, culture  and the produce grown in that particular region.

Every month we have planned to enlighten you with details of one of our classes and give a glimpse on how we proceed with the making of the art or craft. This month we are showcasing a course very unique and interesting known as 'Miniature food making'. These hand made look alike pieces are made out of polymer clay and can be customised into showcase pieces or magnets. Even the plates, spoons and bowls are made out of clay. These tiny pieces of excellence can be made to order as well. They make excellent gift options.

One of our major accomplishment in miniature food art is our collection of sweets and savouries from the 29 different states of India.

This huge project in particular involved a lot of research as we had to find a sweet particular to a state. In total we had selected 29 unique sweet dishes representing each region. Then it was essential to learn the art of making them traditionally. Even though they are recreated as clay miniatures it is necessary to capture the essence of the whole product in real. The texture, colour and structure are the major details that were recorded and taken into account while making the miniatures. We did not miss even the minute details of these scrumptious desserts.

We at Sapthavarna Creations, offer you several art and craft classes, both online and in person. You can call us or email and enquire about these classes. All our classes are structured and can be customised based on your timing and choice of learning.

Following are the names of the dishes that flew out of our Sapthavarna craft kitchen. We have tagged them along with the region they originate from.

Telengana - Boorelu Utter Pradesh - Kesar Peda Rajasthan- Malai Ghewar Odisha- Chenna Poda Madhyapradesh- Koprapak Maharashtra- Modak Tamil Nadu- Chakara Pongal Kerala- Ilayadai Karnataka - Mysorepak Uttarakhand- Singori Andhra Pradesh- Pootherekulu Arunachal Pradesh- Khapse Assam- Narikolor laru Bihar- khaja Chhattisgarh- Dehrori Goa- Bebinca Gujarat- Basundi Haryana- Aloo ka Halwa Himachal Pradesh- Babroo Jammu and Kashmir- Shufta Jharkhand- Anarsa Manipur- Madhurjan Thongba Nagaland-Nap Naang Meghalaya- Pukhlein Mizoram- Chhangban leh kurtai Punjab- Jilebi Sikkim- Sael Roti Tripura- Awan Bangwi West Bengal-Rasgolla

Other than the sweets mentioned above we have also made the following food miniatures.

Sev / Oomapodi Ribbon pakoda/Nada Thattai Kai muruku Laddu Karanji Dhokla Kaju katli Pista roll Mixture Boondhi Muruku Thukada Chocolate burfi

If you are interested in making these stunning pieces, Sapthavarna will help you. We can also teach you to make food items of your choice. All our classes are easy to follow and learn at your own pace. Call us and start your journey with Sapthavarna today.

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