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"Being an Entrepreneur is not just one person’s growth. It is shared growth of a community."

Sapthavarna Creations wasstarted in 2012 in Singapore. It provides art and craft coaching for Women and Children, helping them to unveil the creativity within. We not only conduct classes but also motivate the students to start their own business by instilling confidence in them. We have students all over the world including Singapore, India, UK, USA and Dubai.

What started as a simple craft session for kids has now grown to a full-fledged business with lots of courses in various categories such as Tanjore reverse glass painting, Indian Folk Arts, Mandalas, Jewellery Making and Clay Crafts. In 2016, Sapthavarna Creations diversified by selling indian jewellery and garments


Sapthavarna Creations offers both personal and online classes for all art lovers from near and far. During the classes, it provides hands on training to the learners and aims at perfection. The doubts are cleared then and there, thus creating personal interest in the learners. Sapthavarna Creations looks forward to satisfy all its learners to the fullest. Every class makes the learner anxious to go forward and learn many new things. Sapthavarna Creations finds pleasure in teaching all the new possible methods in enhancing the creativity.

Born to Shine is a Facebook group for Indian women in India. The objective of Born to Shine was to encourage women to showcase their talent in social media.  In 2015, Sapthavarna Creations partnered with Born to shine. We conducted many online workshops and competitions to recognize and appreciate the hidden talents of Women. Trophies were awarded to the winners. 

We partnered and conducted a public workshop in Madurai, India in 2016 on Jewellery Making. Many women from nearby villages and towns attended the workshop. They appreciated the initiative stating that the workshop was very simple to follow and they would be able to start a small business in their village based on the learning from the workshop.

In 2016, Sapthavarna Creations diversified by selling indian jewellery and garments.

We have volunteered in many community events in UK and conducted workshops for kids.


Golu is a south Indian tradition which features display of dolls and figurines capturing the essence of the festival Navarathri in a series of steps. Through the website, We are conducting an Online Golu contest every year from 2018. We received over 250 entries from India, UK, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia & USA in 2019. Generally, such contests tend to project grand submissions. However, we recognised the effort behind every single golu and therefore published all of them on our website. The contest was judged by an independent panel and trophies were sent to the winners in India, USA & UK. This initiative helped in portraying the creative minds of many people around the world. It was a rewarding experience as appreciations poured in from all the participants for giving them a platform for FREE to showcase their golu.

Our 2020 ONLINE GOLU CONTEST FORM will be open on 16/10/20.

Awards and Interviews

Sapthavarna Creations received the prestigious "SHE INSPIRES AWARD" for "Best Entrepreneur" at British Parliament in 2019.

  • Our interview was published in Simple Indian Mom and Storified.

Sapthavarna Creations invites you to join and master the art.


Content Writer


Mrs. Chella Nathan

Meet Mrs. Chella Nathan, the face behind the articles in our website. She joined our team in 2018 and has been successful in portraying Sapthavarna's vibes through words.

Mrs. Chella Nathan is a self proclaimed potterhead who loves to write. She has been wrting on and off since her teens. Apart from writing her major interests are baking, reading, junk jewellery hoarding and keeping up with her girls.

Sapthavarna Creations invites you to join and master the art.
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