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Minakshi Dudhe Khodke - United Kingdom

When it comes to unity in diversity, colorful festivals, sumptuous and delectable delicacies, then only one name comes to mind, and it is India. The fond memory which every Indian carries within, right from his /her childhood are inseparable. The feelings of togetherness which Indian festivals bring in, is unmatched and it constantly makes the overseas Indians highly emotional and the urge to reconnect with the motherland, and the habitat is phenomenal. Launch of Global Bappa, as Facebook group is sparkling example of an Indian girl, living here in U.K., and connecting Indians across the globe. Global Bappa facebook page is envisioned by Minakshi Dudhe Khodke.

India being a land of many religions, multi-linguals, many rituals, culture and every season brings a reason for the festivals. Although it is worth mentioning that every festival an Indian celebrates has ancient, and scientific base which is very well proven beyond any doubt. In the current global pandemic every country and their countrymen were stranded. This feeling of disconnect, brought the young minds together along with Minakshi and the Global Bappa Fb page came into reality. As per the Indian Mythology, Lord Ganesha should be worshipped first before any festive ritual and this paved way for the name of this group "Global Bappa"

We all know Social Media if used sensibly and responsibly is the biggest platform to showcase and to connect with the people across the globe. On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Festival in August 2020, the Facebook page of Global Bappa became fully operational, and the member requests started pouring in day in and day out.

Just before the actual festival started Minakshi connected with various artist who could highlight the prominence of Ganesh Chathurti (start day of the festival) be it through any art example drawing, cooking, dancing, singing etc. The Festival is of 10 long days and the momentum of devotion and enjoyment grows with every passing day. There were story telling sessions by grandmother of one of our member, where she explained to all children staying overseas, about importance of each day. Minakshi and her team were able to successfully connect to every member and the members also in return, shared the glimpses of their festival fervor on the page. These eventful 10 days went just like a swoosh. This 1st event on the Global Bappa page, gave Minakshi and her team enough impetus to plan for many more upcoming events, linked with Indian festivals and the rituals.

After Ganesha festival there was famous Golu festival of South India, North and East India's famous Karwachauth festival, Dussehra , Durga Puja & Navratri, and followed by the most awaited Hindu festival of lights, that is Diwali. and the year end bash with
Christmas and the New year celebrations. Minakshi and her team of enthusiast Indians planned every event meticulously, and the member size grew with every passing event.

Year 2021 brought new hope with the world famous harvest festival which is celebrated by different names in India as per the region. But prominently the Makar Sankranti, Kite festival, Pongal are famous worldwide. Minakshi and Global Bappa team geared up for this event too.

Why Global Bappa is different?
It is the voluntarily contributing group, no huge financials are involved, and the festivals are celebrated with their true sanctity, purity, and by keeping the member families close to the Indian motherland. Further Global Bappa also offered a global platform to showcase the qualities which the members and their family members are having. Specially the kids are benefited by being the part of this global family.

Within just 7 months, Global Bappa Team has created enough air, that today new members are joining through lots of referrals. Group is growing, moving ahead. At the same time Minakshi and her team are equipoised to make Global Bappa, a global phenomenon for the crores of overseas Indians, who are going to be the future members of the group.

“You can take an Indian out of India, but you can never take India out of an Indian”

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