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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Mohammed Sameer - India

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English Story

Well , our story starts from 1969 'MAN TO MOON'
project . A crew was sent to moon to find that there is any possibility to live there . The crew landed in the surface of moon and started to explore . But accidentally they found  a new species out there , not like humans they have feathers . The crew coined them as 'ANGELS' . With a ton of fear and doubts they returned to earth . The researchers started to find who are they . Now , the present day . A boy named ansel
sees a light coming towards him . As it comes closer he sees a beautiful girls with white feathered wings . He was totally confused . The girl claims that she is from the moon . At first he didn't beleive after few minutes he comes to believe . The angel explains that they are supernatural creatures with super vision , powerful than humans but they are harmless. And also complains that humans are trying to steal their powers . You may have a doubt why the angel tells this to him . Because she spectates humans from the moon . She saw him and his attitude and fell in love with him . Yes , this story is a love between a man and a angel . This particular angel is the princess of the moon . As she is more powerful she gives some special power to ansel to help them from humans . Because they are harmless , so they ask help from our hero . Ansel got some super power like wings , immortal , and super vision . He went to moon to help them
By , this our story gets over and ansel will protect them forever.

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தமிழ் கவிதை (Tamil Kavidhai)

என்னை நீ , என்னுள் நீ

காலம் மாறினாலும் நீ தந்த காயம் ஆறாவது
நீயே என் விழி , நீயே என் வழி
நீயே என் துணைவி , நீயே என் மனைவி
நீ தந்த காயம் ஆறினாலும் , உன் மேல் உள்ள காதல் மாறாது
நீயே என் குணம் , நீயே என் மனம்
நீயே என் உலகம் , நீயே என் விளக்கம்
காதல் மாறினாலும் ,உன்னை சேர தவறாத
நீயே என் மதி , நீயே என் விதி
நீயே என் அன்டம் , நீயே என் ஆளுமை
காலம் மாறினாலும் , நான் வைக்கும் காதல் மாறாது
நீயே என் உதிரம் , நீயே என் ஊக்கம்
நீயே என் தேடல் , நீயே என் காதல்
நான் வைக்கும் காதல் மாறாது , என் காதலியும் மாறாது
நீயே என் விளக்கு , நீயே என் வெளிச்சம்
நீயே என் வாசம் , நீயே என் சுவாசம்
உன் சாயமும் மாறாது , நீ தந்த காயமும் ஆறாவது
நீயே என் கனவு , நீயே என் நிஜம்
நீயே என் பிரிவு , நீயே என் மறைவு

Entry No: 


English Poetry


My eyes twinkles when i see,
You are the perfect match to me,
You are all mine , still you dont have time,
To make you smile , i can spend my life time.

When i see you,
My brain becomes ping pong,
And my heart plays a lovely song,
I can wait , but how long,
Because i have waited so long.

You are the lightning in my dark sky,
Once you light up , with a wings you fly away,
I can giveaway my heart,
We can live like you thought.

Even ,
I pretend that you love me a lot,
But after crossing me , u just forgot,
This is a glitch in your mind,
Delete it and we can live soulful life.

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