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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Keerthika Arumugam - India

Entry No: 


English Story

Many will find this strange.Yeah it is!But it's beautiful story. One fine morning krathika went to the terrace and was wondering the beauty of nature. The sun gave her a warm welcome, Flowers bloomed with love ,Singing birds and all of a sudden she was able to see a handsome guy crossing in the opposite terrace. She felt lucky after seeing him and felt in love at first sight. But she didn't showed off. In the opposite that guy also notices this girl and was thinking how beauty she is and also notices her day by day activities. One fine day Arun uses facebook. There was a suprise waiting for him. He found the facebook profile of krathika in friend suggestion. The next minute he gave friend request to her and was waiting for krathika to accept it. He waited for two days and bit worried. The next morning Arun checked his phone and was suprised that krathika accepted the request. Again the next minute he texted her in facebook. She too texted him starting hai. Both knows they stay in opposite houses.Both met face to face while texting in the terrace.Both became thick friends within two days. After days crossed both began to love.But both didn't proposed each other blaming themselves what happens when I propose. And both thought when we propose,our friendship gets broken. So they didn't. Krathika waited when Arun is going to propose her and Krathika's activites too showed Arun she was in love. Suddenly,next day both decided to meet in beach. Arun proposed krathika in the beach. Krathika too accepted Arun's proposal.Both became lovers now. Both felt like they are flying in heaven with wings. Krathika asked Arun will you be my better half. Suddenly with smiling face Arun replied I wanted you to be my bestiee forever first and then as my better half. Soon Arun introduced Krathika to his family and both got married happily. Moral: If lovers become friends and start their journey as couple life leads without misunderstanding.

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