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Vaishnavi S

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Hi Team,

First of all thank you for giving us an opportunity to participate with our Golu.

My Golu is special because, my son who is 7years old has showed his interest immensely and since he had holidays, he is the one who has done most of the decoration work and pooja work this time.
If I need to say what made my Golu Special is, it brought people together in my community of 104 families, it was only one GOLU house and that was ours. Infact many people did not know about this tradition, they were astonished to see the creativity and Artistry-we even explained how it is an opportunity for artistic expression. My son explained how Golu is educational that tells stories from Thirsty crow to mythology and history.

In essence, Golu was a celebration at my home that had all flavors of religious devotion, cultural expression, and community bonding, making it significant and cherished all 9 days.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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