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Srividhya Ganesan

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United States

Golu 2023

Let me start with the story of what triggered the theme for my Navrathri Golu 2023.

My mother passed away on December 24, 2022. She was not meant to pass away at all. She was a woman filled with charm and cheer. She celebrated every festival with so much passion, it was almost impossible to resist her energy and her incredible talent.

Once she passed away, I almost went into a silent depression. She always advised me to climb out of my dark, sad, depressing emotions and look ahead. She taught me not to dwell into those emotions and see the light at the end of the tunnel. That was the the message and theme of this navrathri.

We built a very dark cave which you could walk in where we had all our Asuras(sad and dark thoughts) and Ambal(positive and happy) co-exist in every human. The cave itself signifies a sad time and at the end of that cave it opens to a huge well lit kolam medai we built and the kolam I drew signifying positivity.

Our center piece will Meenakshi Amman and will always be (moms name being Meenakshi) surrounded by many other hand made Ambals like, Gayathri Devi, Balathirupurasundari, Visalakshi, saradha Ambal, Anna poorani and more

Next we move on, to thiruvanamalai and built a mountain out of it.

There is a traditional golu of 21 steps which has
2.Birth of Krishna
3.Sai Baba
4. Ashtalakshmis
5. Perumal and Thayar
6.Bhadrachalam Ramar Laksmanar sita and Anjereyar
7. Vinayagars
8. Huge Ambal
9. Dasavatharam
10. Arupadai veedu
11. 63 Nayanmars
12. A transitional vilaku which is 300 years old

On to the right- a huge table which will show Mysore dasara, upanayanam, kovil and vendors

That wraps our golu. The whole display is on 1200 square feet space!

Wishing you all a very happy Navrathri and best wishes

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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