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Shilpa Abhijith

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Hello All, Namaskara / Namaskaram🙏🏻

Name : Shilpa Abhijith
Location: Canada

Theme :

Sharing video and pictures of Dasara / Navaratri Golu arrangement at home. The doll arrangement includes dolls collected from all over India, which includes dolls from Mysuru, Channapatna (Karnataka), Tamilnadu, Kondapalli (Andhra Pradesh), Maharashtra, Pattachitra dolls (Orissa).

This tradition has been passed on from generations in my family, dating back 50 years. Growing up in Mysuru, Karnataka, Dasara celebrations and Gombe habba has been a quintessential part of my life. I live in Canada now and continue to carry on with the tradition & celebrations, in order to instill the same values in the generations to come.

Golu theme this year :

“Our life in four Seasons”
Dolls are arranged in 9 steps.

First 3 steps (including the one with Kalasham) represent Shishira ritu ( Winter) with a depiction of heaven / Kailasam with all the Gods and Goddesses.

Next two steps represents Sharad Ritu (Autumn) depicts the initial phases of life starting with (colour theme of yellow and orange) : Seemantham, Namakarana, Anna Prashnam , Chuda Karanam, Aksharabhyasam, Ritu shuddhi , Upanayanam. It also depicts first few stages of traditional Indian wedding such as Gowri Pooja, Kashi Yatra, Anthara Pata and Jeerige Bella.

Next two steps represent Grisham Ritu (Spring) with : Mangalya Dharane, Sapta padi , Okhli, Bhooma Bhojana and Pallaki (Vidai).

Life goes on after wedding with memories made with Family, upgrades in life with a new home (Gruhapravesham), Children going to school, Work from Home and Shasti Poorthi. The cycle of life continues with changing seasons from here.

Last two steps represent Vasantha Ritu ( Summer) with a small depiction of village life and Chettiar Store. Chettiar Kadai has been stocked abundantly with Vegetables, Fruits, lentils, Steel utensils and furniture.

I have also depicted Mysuru Dasara procession / world famous Jamboo Savari and Chamundeshwari (with self designed logo for Mysuru). This is an ode to my early life in Mysuru.

All backdrops seen are hand crafted and matched according to seasons / colour representing the season.

Wishing you all a very happy Navaratri 🙏🏻

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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