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Ravindran Thiagaraj

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Namaskaaram, Ravi from Chennai Madipakkam. Telugu Brahmin. We've been keeping kolu for 40-50 Years as family tradition. Navaratri is the grandest celebration at our home.
Our theme always is traditional based. This year our Kolu is Themed as Festival of Festivals - Andhra Karnataka Sampradaya Pandikaigal(Festivals) from Chaitra Maasam to The end of year. We have kept Ugadi, Shankara Jayanthi ,Ashada Amavasya pooja, Varalakshmi Vratham,Upakarma, Satyanarayana puja, Gowri - Ganesha Pooja, Navaratri depiction, Deepavali, Arudra, Sankranti till Ramanavami again in chaitra month..
We have used traditional dolls, my mother Smt Bhavanis hand crafted bead dolls, craft decorations and handmade innovative dolls to bring the whole theme. We love Navaratri and I am entering here for all others in the world to see and enjoy our kolu.... Glad to see such a contest for kolu and more happier to enroll our kolu. Thanks Sapthavarna Creations to have given chance and this platform to celebrate. Ram Ram .

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Golu Photo 3
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