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Padma B Udaya Kumar

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Hello everyone,
My name is Padma.B.UdayaKumar. I live in Bangalore, Karnataka. I have been keeping Golu for 35 years now right from the age of 12. It’s a legacy which has been passed down from generations. The oldest doll in our home is a pair of 150 year old Marapachi brass bomme or Patada gombe. Our theme for this year is very unique and educative for the younger generation too. I would like to thank Sapthavarna team for creating this wonderful platform to showcase our golu to everyone around the globe.
This year our golu is what my paati would have lovingly called it a Brahmandamana golu display. We have set up the display in 2 rooms. The first room has all the divine figurines and the 2nd room has our theme for this year and other collections.
Also there are various sub sections in the Golu.
1. In the first padi stand of 5 steps we have divine collections like Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Vinayagar and Anjaneya on the first step. The 2nd step is Ashtalakshmi. The 3rd step is 2 sets of Dasavathara. The 4th step is our 4 pairs of Marapachi bomme or patada gombe . The 5th step has our brass gods and my newly encased My family silver heirloom. This collection has been handed over to me from 3 genrations ago and hence I got it encased this year to preserve it for generations to come.
2. In the 2nd padi stand we have a pair of Katakkhali dolls and a pair of authentic thrissur pooram decorated elephants. In the 2nd step we have my this year’s new addition a beautiful set of Rama with Laskshmana, Sita and Anjaneyar. The 3rd padi is of Srinivasa Kalyana set. The 4th padi is SriVaishnava Alwar Set and the 5th padi is the set of the story of andal right from her birth to her marrying Shri Ranaganathar Perumal.
There are 2 tall towers on either side of this padi. They house my kondapalli dolls. A Krishna rasa kreeda set and a wire doll wedding set. In the shelves are my porcelain collection again handed over to me from 3 generations.
I’ve also displayed a beautiful Vekateshwara Perumal and Krishna both carved wonderfully on wood and they sit on 2 tree trunks again with carvings of a man playing the drum on them each.
3. Now coming to my miniature collections. I’ve displayed various collections like a miniature Ashtalakshmi set, a collection of miniature channapatna dolls, a miniature soap stone set, a miniature sumangali pooja set, a collection of copper untensil miniatures, a collection of brass utensil miniatures, a collection of mini clay pots and a minatrue Krishna set.
4. Then we have tried to recreate the beauty of Tirumala BhooVaikuntam with attention to details like the world famous Holy sanctum sanctorum of Venkateswara Perumal, gaali gopuram, Swamy pushkarani , Alamelamangapuram and Govindara japatinam. Also Anjaneya anjanadri, Srivari mettu, Garudar and Alipiri mettu. Also we have included the deer park in our display.
5. We have next to that a depiction of a local grocery shop, a shetty angadi(shop). Also in the same space we have displayed my collection of brass artifacts.
6. On the other side of the main padi we have the complete Mysore Dasara Procession. There is a miniature Mysore palace, a pair of Raja Rani dolls, lots of elephants, horses, a Palkal kudure, a Tanjavur Thale aati bomme, a peacock and also the Ambari elephant carrying th chamundesari all depicted in the procession.
Next to this we have tried to recreate the beauty of Mysore city. The display includes the famous Chamundeswari temple, the statue of Mahishasura and also the Mysore zoo.
Golu display in the 2nd room
The golu display in the second room includes our theme for this year which is “The nostalgic memories of Traditional Indian games”. The display also includes:
1. Antique Brass and Diya décor:
This includes brass utensils which we have used as stand to place the deepams. There are a variety of deepams in the display including a shanku and chakram too.
2. Eco Earthly craft:
This includes my entire terratcotta or clay collection. Various beautiful clay items including a fountain too.
3. Nanda Gokula:
This includes various beautiful idols of Krishna right from his birth with Vausdeva carrying him to other forms of Krishna too.
4. Theme for this year “ Nostalgic memories of Traditional Indian Games”
Reasons for choosing this theme
With the development of technology this new millennial gen has taken largely to video games etc. Of course its not their fault. They can’t play outdoors for paucity of space etc. We wanted to do this theme so that elders can recollect their wonderful childhood memories and to introduce the beauty of these games to the young generation.
What are the benefits of Indian traditional games?
The inclusion of any sport or game in the daily routine of a child has immense importance in the growth and development of his/her personality. A child becomes robust as well as mentally and physically strong by participating in sports and physical activities. Similarly, traditional Indian games play a vital role in the overall growth of a child.
Top benefits of playing traditional Indian Games
1. By playing traditional Indian games a child learns how to enjoy minimal resources.
2. Enhances mental strength & increases stamina.
3. Builds a problem-solving attitude.
4. Teaches child how to interact socially.
5. Improves hand-eye coordination.
6. Makes kids more disciplined.
7. Builds winning spirit.
8. By playing traditional Indian games kids learn about our culture.
We have made miniature of all the 20 games in the display. They are:
1. Lagori
2. Kabbaddi
3. Cricket
4. Kho Kho
5. Buguri
6. Goli
7. Chinnidandu
8. Kallu (Stone in kannada) Atta
9. Alagulimane
10. Tyre Bandi Atta
11. Snake and Ladder
12. Ludo
13. Hulikuri atta or Aadu Puli attam
14. Kuntibile
15. Chowkabara
16. Chess
17. Kannu Kattu Atta
18. Carrom
19. Pagade and
20. Tic Tac Toe
Among these Lagori, Kabbaddi, Cricket, Kho Kho, Buguri, Goli, Chinnidandu and Tyre Bandi atta are outdoor games.
The games like Kallu (Stone in kannada) atta or game, Snake and Ladder, Ludo, Aadu Puli attam, Chess, Chowkabara, Carrom, Pagade and Tic Tac Toe are indorr games.
In my younger days I have tons of memories playing these indoor games like Chowkabara, Aadu puli attam and Alagulimane with my paati. This used to be our favourite pastime.
In our display I’ve also included items from my friends shop named Kavade. You can look up their website at for their products and buy the games. They have beautiful varieties of the games.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Dasara and Navaratri. Thanks once again to Sapthavarna for this wonderful platform to showcase our Golu to everyone around the globe

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