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Mamatha Somu

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We have been celebrating Dasara from the past 15 years, the fever caught on to us when we visited one of our friends Golu Display.
We have a collection of more than 500o dolls, which we have been collecting from various places and from Doll makers to dealers.
For me and my Husband this has become a past time which we enjoy .

🌟 Welcome to the mesmerizing Dasara Golu Display of 2023 at Mamatha_Ranjitha's house in Indiranagar! 🌟

Join us on a spiritual and cultural journey as we unveil this year's enchanting theme that beautifully interweaves the epic tale of Ramayana across 25 intricately designed scenes. Witness the divine saga come to life right before your eyes!
In addition to the Ramayana narrative, immerse yourself in the sanctity of our traditional 9-step display, showcasing an array of revered Gods and Goddesses, each radiating their divine grace.
But that's not all! This year's display also pays homage to the soulful simplicity of a traditional Indian village. Marvel at the detailed miniatures and get a glimpse into the heart of rural India, where tradition and heritage thrive.

🙏 Don't miss this opportunity to experience the magic and devotion that comes alive in Mamtha_Ranjitha's house. 🙏
📌 Location: Indiranagar

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful celebration of culture and spirituality! 🙏✨

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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