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Kavitha R

Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3


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Hi, I am Kavitha from valasaravakkam. I have been keeping Golu at my mom house for the past 10 years and post marriage I have been keeping Golu separately for past 2 years.

#Enga aathu golu#2023

Nothing like the Golu festival ushers in an abundance of happiness, hope and deep sense of satisfaction.

Here we are with our exquisite display of our dolls to bring up the same back in everyone's eyes.

*Theme 1 : Lalitha sahasrnama stotram*
We have tagged a few chants/lines of Lalitha sahasranama to few of our dolls to understand the intention of the sahasranama.

*Theme 2 : DIY Handmade dolls/themes*
We have made few handmade dolls / themes this year such as

* Sarvana Poigai / Birth of Murugan using Keychain dolls
* Tiruchendur Murugan theme using Photo print cutout
* Our family deivangal - We have brought our Kula deivam and Ishta deivangal to our home in our golu using Photo print cutouts.

*Theme 3 : Rare / Unique dolls*
This year we limited up on the number of themes and concentrated on Collection of Unique dolls to bring up an *Awwh!* reaction to everyone. Here are our newcomers..

*Ashta bujanga perumal (Perumal with 8 hands)
* Ramar Anjaneyar Alinganam
*Unnodu Aivar aanom (Ramar-Gugan Natpu)
*Murugan-Pillayar Uppumootai
*Arthanareeswarar dhyanam
*Mylapore temple history (Parvathi Devi coming in the form of peacock and worshipping Sivan)
* Kovai Anjaneyar ( ashta amsa varadha Anjaneyar - Anjaneyar with 8 unique specialities/features)
*Oldest doll collections of Vishnu Maya and
*Lord Krishna sleeping in his throne.

Hope everyone likes our Golu!

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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