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Indhu Srimathi

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Name: Indhu & Srimathi
Location: Chennai

In our home, the Navaratri Golu is a cherished tradition that brings our family and community together to celebrate the divine feminine energy during the nine nights of Navaratri.

Our Golu display is beautifully arranged on a set of five steps, each build up with love and care.These steps are adorned with vibrant, traditional South Indian veshti and floral decorations, creating a visually captivating backdrop for the dolls and figurines.

For our family, the Golu is more than a religious ritual; it's a symbol of our heritage and a way to reconnect with our roots. It's an opportunity to come together, celebrate, and share our love for tradition, art, and spirituality.

Our Golu is open for public viewing during Navaratri, and it has become a focal point of interaction with our neighbours and friends. It fosters a sense of unity and cultural exchange. We also encourage visitors to share their own stories and knowledge about the dolls on display.

In summary, our Navaratri Golu is a manifestation of tradition, art, and spirituality that is deeply rooted in our family. Its uniqueness lies in the diversity of dolls, thematic presentations, artistic appeal, and the sense of community it fosters. It's a celebration of our culture and an educational experience for all who visit.

We have been keeping golu for the past 26 years.

We have kept the golu as a traditional theme with all God and goddesses.

The unique concept of our golu is that every time, we drape saree for kuthu vilaku to make Amman alankaram. This time, we have made Perumal and Alamelu mangai in kuthu vilakku with much detailing. We have put lots of effort into making them look like real. Hope you all like it.

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