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Uzma Nizam - India

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Leftover Makeover

Food is necessity of life and it should be taken care of whatever we eat and drink. Not just eating good food is important it is really important to note what we consume and how we consume it to the fullest. With this thought I enter in my kitchen and try to use the ingredients to the fullest. This includes using of vegetable scraps in making stocks (skin of veggies has lots of nutritional values ) and using every single leftover veggies of my fridge which we usually discard or leftover scoops of last dinner supper.


1. How I made samosa dough.
1 cup refined wheat flour+ 3 tbs millets flour , salt, mangrail and kneaded. After 6 hours the dough is soft so easily can be rolled out.
2. For soup.
Chopped french beans, chopped carrot, cabbage, salt to taste, vinegar, black pepper, chopped garlic, green onions. In a bowl add good amount of water and all the veggies. Add in salt , black pepper, cumin powder. Let it simmer and then add corn flour slurry. Simmer it nicely. It is done.

Method for leftover sabzi momos

1. In a bowl add the paneer bhurji, chopped cabbage, steamed and chopped broccoli no salt is needed.
2. Now take a small portion of dough and roll out.
3. Add a spoonful of mixed vegetables.
4. Make folds to secure the stuffing as shown.
5. Steam for 15 minutes and done. Brush extra virgin oleev oil on the top.

Plating a big part for me, I am very bad at this.

1.Take a bowl
2. Add the momos.
3. Pour in the soup. Add tomato chutney or ketchup you have. On the top add a drop of mayo and garnished with some onion greens.
Enjoy with your loved ones and your little ones will have momos with a very very nutritive version.
Hope you all will like it


1. Paneer bhurji 2 tbs( leftover )
2. Broccoli florets 2 that i had all in my fridge.
3. Cabbage leaves 4 rest part was used in dinner.
4. Samosa dough left over.( millets and refined wheat flour)
6. Freshly prepared black pepper.
7. 1/ 2 spring onion leaf chopped that I had in my fridge.
8. 2 tsp grated carrot
9. Salt to taste.
10. Corn flour 1 tsp
11. Any ketchup you have or you can make. I had homemade spicy tomato chutney leftover from lunch -2 tsp12. Mayo 1 tsp
13. Refined oil 2 tsp
14. french beans 1 small piece all that had.
16. Chopped onions 1 tsp
17. Chopped garlic 1 tsp.
18. Cumin powder 1 tsp.
19. Vinegar as required
I have a toddler so I have not used red chilli at all. The food is already cooked so it has spices.

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