Raaji Anand - United Kingdom

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veg protein bowls

bowl 1:
- pressure cook the rice
- slice a fresh avocado
- mix together the beans cook over low heat in garlic, pepper and cooking spray/oil
- fry veg sausages in cooking spray also over low heat, then cut into smaller portions
- fold quorn salami over a toothpick and add two chopped tomatoes on each
serve all the items in a bowl/plate and enjoy :)

bowl 2:
- cut beans into smaller portions
- pressure cook urid dhal with mustard seeds, turmeric, cardamon, salt and pepper
- once cooked mix in beans and keep warm
- plate the beans mixture, avocado and brown rice then the beans/dhal


- mix of kidney beans, chickpeas and black beans
- avocado
- brown rice
- beans and dhal curry
- quorn salami and tomato skewers
- vegetarian sausages
- garlic
- ground pepper

Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3

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