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Anjelene Antonisamy - United Kingdom

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Navdhanya carrot chapathi with Paneer cabbage gravy

. Mix the navadhanya flour and wheat flour equally.
.Grind carrot with Green chilli and ginger and add as liquid to knead dough.
.Knead well roll it and put chapathi using butter in a pan.
Navadhanya carrot chapathi ready to serve.

Paneer cabbage gravy
.Take a pan add oil and put the spices first with nuts and red chilli.
.Add onions chopped and then add cabbage after sometime.
.Add ginger, garlic, Green chili, mint leaves.
.Cool the contents and blend it well.
.Add oil and butter in a pan and saute onion and capsicum then add chilli powder, jeera powder, garam masala,turmeric in low flame add the blended vegetable nuts and spice mixture.
.Allow it to boil for sometime.
.In a separate pan add the Paneer marinated with chili powder,Pepper, salt and ginger garlic paste.
.Cook it in both sides for 5mins both sides
. Add coconut milk to the gravy allow it to boil 3mins.
.Add the panner and allow for 3mins.
Paneer cabbage gravy ready to serve.

Navdhanya chapathi
It is rich in millets which is light in digestion and good source of nutrition. Carrot is rich in vitamins and good for eyes and worm infestation rich in fiber and relives constipation and bloating. A healthy chapathi suitable for all light to digest and give strength and immunity.

Panner cabbage chapathi
Cabbage is rich in anti oxidant, coolant and good to reduce heat in the body especially suitable for acidity, digestive problems, controls the hormones, increased fibre content easy digestible and relives constipation.Added with onion,tomato and ginger, garlic add richness to the nutrition and blended is good to digest and gets absorbed easily. Paneer is rich in protein and calcium is good for strength and immunity.Nuts added to it make it again rich in nutrition.


1.Navadhanvya flour 1/2cup
2.wheat flour 1/2cup
3.carrot 2nos +green chili+ginger grinder as liquid

1.Panner 200gms
2.Onion 2
3. Tomatoes 3
4.cabbage 100gms
5.Green chili1
6.ginger chopped 1tsp
7.garlic chopped 1tsp
8.clove,Cardomom, elachi each 2nos
9.cashew, almonds,groundnut, walnuts,pistachio,flax seeds, pumpkinseeds few nos
10. Coconut milk1cup and Corriander few leaves
12.chilli powder
13.jeera powder
14.Garam Masada
15.turmeric powder
16.salt and pepper

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