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Pav Bhaji masala dosa

Why not try making a dosa that is new?

Check the recipe out below. This pav-bhaji dosa is really scrumptipous and tongue-tinkling. You can munch up to the fried, yellow, juicy capsicums in your mouth.

Pavbhaji masala dosa.jpeg

This delicious dosa takes an hour to make it.When you prepare this dosa,the maximum waiting time is 15 minutes. If you want a side dish, why not try making it? Using coconut chutney that is white, it takes 10 minutes to grind it.

The dosa is very tasty that you can't stop eating it. The little crunches of vegetable and pav will make it taste extra nice. The dosa that munches in your mouth will taste as if you are eating a pack of crisps. When you feel the dosa, it is very smooth.The smell of the long dosa will feel as if you want to eat it now. Also, along with chutney, it will be very tasty.

You can create as much shapes as you want in the dosa. Check out the lovely photos below to give you a little bit of inspiration. The shapes can even be as long as you like!

If you want any help, you can always contact us. So, in your meals, at least a little bit of munching up will be useful.So, start munching!

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