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Uma Raghu

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United States


Our creative golu is eco-friendly, as it contains mostly recyclable items, and it is cost-effective. We created Ocean effect, and made all Arakhis(Demoness) with recyclable dolls, RamSethu bridge with pebbles, papercutting flying Hanuman(Printouts) etc.

We present to you the story of Rama Sethu, and how the area looked in the past, and in present-day. We have Dhanushkodi, India, where Hanuman is about to start his journey to Lanka, across the Indian Ocean. As Hanuman begins his voyage, he encounters Mount Mainaka.

The god of the wind, Vayu, saved his friend Mainaka and granted him safety in the ocean. When Vayu asked for Mainaka’s help, Mainaka accepted and offered refuge to Hanuman on his way to Lanka. But Hanuman refuses the offer, since he has to complete his mission.
As he continues his journey, he encounters the demoness Surasa. Surasa was sent by the gods to test Hanuman. Hanuman becomes big, known as Vikata Roopam, and asks Surasa to let him pass. Surasa refuses, so Hanuman becomes small, known as Sookshma Roopam, and enters her mouth and exits through her ear.

Hanuman continues on his way to Lanka. Hanuman then meets Simhika, another demoness. Simhika attempts to kill Hanuman, so Hanuman enters her mouth and exits while tearing up her stomach, killing her.

Hanuman encounters Lankini, who acts as a security guard, at the gates of Lanka. Lankini realizes that he is an intruder and attacks him. Mindful of the fact that she is a woman, Hanuman softly strikes her back just enough to make her fall. A dazed and confused Lankini immediately realizes her opponent was no mere monkey and asks for forgiveness, knowing that Brahma's prophecy has come true. Hanuman forgives her as he prepares to continue his quest into Lanka, leaving Lankini behind, who is now free of the curse. Lankini realizes that the destruction of Lanka is near.

We have shown the Vanara Sena, meaning Monkey Army, building a bridge to Lanka, and we can see Jambavan and Sugriva here.

This is the past. And in the present-day, this side is Talaimannar, Sri Lanka, where the Thirukoneswaram Temple stands. This temple was built by Rishi Agastya on the instructions of Lord Shiva who was impressed by the devotion of Ravana. We can made the border of Dhanushkodi, India, and we have shown INS Parundu, an Indian naval emergency aircraft landing station located in Rameswaram.

Thank you!

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