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It is my third consecutive year of keeping the Golu at my home during Dussehra. This year's Golu is very dear to me, as we have a new addition to the family - my son "Surya Shripad" and also I had chance to keep Golu at my mother's place.

The theme of our Golu 2021 is based on our tour to Visakhapatnam and Secunderabad. My Golu has 5 steps, each with a mythological theme/ cultural theme. On the left side of the steps, we can see places from Vizag. On the other side, we see a model of "Aranya Mrugvani resort" located in Shamirpet, secunderabad.

The first step has goddess parvati devi and lakshmi devi with idols of Ganesh on either sides. The second step has two parts, former being avatars of Lord Vishnu in his ten forms (dasavataram) and latter is Lord Shiva meditating in the Kailash. The third step has "Radha and Krishna" enjoying in the fields, while meera bai and few devotees are immersed in his devotion. The fourth step has the theme of grand Indian wedding. Fifth step depicts famous stories from panchatantram.

On one side we have places from Vishakapatnam which we visited during our family holiday this year. The locations include Simhachalam - Sri Varahalakshmi Narasimha Swamy Vari Devasthanam, Indira Gandhi Zoo park and a beach resort named Sai Priya.
The Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha hill temple of Simhachalam has a great architecture and a breathtaking hill top view. The beauty of this temple lies in lord Varahalakshmi Swamy idol who is ornamented with fresh sandal wood and tulsi mala. One will never forget the mesmerizing scent of the sandal wood of the temple. Simhachalam temple is a must visit shrine to indulge in a devotional journey.

On the other side is an imitation of "Aranya Resort" located in Secunderabad. We had been to Aranya resort with a bunch of family friends to hang out. It has a Deere park and secluded accomodation to give a wildlife experience.

All in all, I tried to mimick my tour experiences to Vizag and Secunderabad through this year's Golu. I called upon my friends for Haldi Kumkum and dinner in the evening. My friends were thrilled to see all the places we visited together. The Golu gave us another chance to stroll down the memory lane.

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