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Sangeetha Rajagopalan

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Golu Photo 3
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Our Golu - A to Z of this festival of navaratri we have tried to be unique from all angles be it our invite, the way the dolls r arranged, our thamboolam and wat not.

Please find attached our golu pictures & your write-up for your kind perusal.

1) The hall comprises of various dieties like Lord Vishnu in his vishwaroopa darisanam, dasaavatharam, Rangamanar with Ranganayaki, Brahmotsvam , Aalvargal Avyayam, Ahobilam Nava Narasimhar, Nachiyar thirukolam, Manarkudi Rajagopalan, Kanchi Aaravamudan, Vaduvur Ramar, Puri Jaganathar and so on in traditional form on the steps.

2) Bottom part r some interesting events like the kumbhakarna, gadothgajan and moral stories to attract kids.

3) On the side is the 16 handed Chakrathazhwar with a mirror placed behind to view the Narashimhar.

4) We have tried depicting Swamy Ayyapan and the sacred 18 steps.

5) Concept wise we have tried to cover 3 different aspects, 

One is the Abode of Lord Krishna...depicting Krishna from his janmasthami to kurushetra in our Vrindavan.

Two is the Abode of Swami Desigar and the Divya Desam/perumal where/on whom he wrote 28 divine compositions(stotram) with my 13yr old daughters recital in the bkgrnd explaining the same.

Third is some of our vaishnava sidhantham like vaishnava lakshanam, Guru paramparai, Aryar sevai, Saranagathi thathuvam, Varanam ayiram.

We would like to share with you our eco friendly return gifts too. We hv planned complete panchakavya products from our neighbours go - shala. These products including the manjal and kumkum r prepared in the go shala(which is in a residential area ) with no artificial agents. My daughter and  her frnd also conduct various events called Kannukutties concerning native breeds protection.

Hoping u soon reach us and share with us these joyous moment along with some snacks and savouries.

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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