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Bavani T.K.

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I've been keeping my Golu for Navratri for a solid 20 years now, and it's quite a journey. My Golu setup is a bit of a labor of love, you know. There's a marriage theme, a dining hall, and a modest temple setup that I like to call Gnanavasam.

I also include a Pongal set, which I put together each year to celebrate the harvest. The Settiyar set is a collection of miniatures made from different materials like metals, wood, brass, marble, and iron, mud, showcasing everyday life in a traditional way. I've got a humble Krishna Leela set, along with a mini park and zoo to make it all come alive.

This tradition has become a part of my life, and the effort I put into it is a reflection of my love for my culture and heritage. It's not overly extravagant, but it's something that brings me joy during Navratri. Two decades of keeping this tradition alive is quite a journey!

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Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
Golu Photo 3
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