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Vidhya Raja - United Kingdom

I would like to nominate my mum for the Unsung Heroines.

For you to know how much she deserves this; you will have to know that she is the last person who would think she deserves this because she is always doing everything for others. Her main focus is on taking care of anyone else that she can help in any way, shape or form.

Generous, nurturing, compassionate, and loving are just some of the words I could use to describe my mom. My mother, who is also my best friend, deserves to be the Unsung Heroines. As the oldest sibling in my family, I have watched my mom pour out her love for us. After a long day of teaching, she always had plenty of energy and love to make our favorite dinners, play board games, help us with our homework, and read with us each night. My mom, along with my dad were always our best fans and supported every activity we joined in school. My mom made sacrifices for our family, by giving up what she liked to do. Her hard work ethic taught us that money doesn’t grow on trees and that we must work hard and prioritise what’s most important in life.

My mom is a very talented woman who has shared those special gifts with her students, where she is working, by being an advocate for their future and with us by encouraging us to reach for our dreams and providing us with the opportunity. You would never leave our house hungry! My mom has taught us to enjoy the simple things in life.

When my mom as pregnant with me made the decision to leave the field of health care to a different field- parenting. Having come from a traditional south Indian, Tamil family, my mon has instigated in us the impo rtant and values of culture and tradition. There are many festivals and occasions which brings with various values and lessons with it. Be it Navaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Deebavali or Tamil New Year, we are thought and given experiences same as home from home in UK.

My mom is very versatile in arts and crafts, she started knitting when I was born and has knitted many knits for me, my brother and others as well. She is very good in handicraft, her decoration of Lakshmi kalasam is divine, when one feels a real person sitting on the spot. She is accomplished in artwork for any festivals or occasions. She is the winner of the best Kolam ( suzhi kolam), last year for UK.

She is a versatile cook, will make dishes in any cuisine and culture and would like to try good and healthy dishes.She also speaks multiple languages Hindi, Malayalam, Sanskrit.

My mom has supported me and my brother in our academic achievement and many competitions. I am 14 years old and currently doing my A- level in Tamil from Cambridge University, is due to her commitment and passion towards the language and me.

Her being a mom, also works full time in school with special needs children and holds many other positions in different organisation as Governor, teaches Tamil in local Tamil school and supports other activities happening in our community.Above all she is currently doing Ph.D in Education.

She was always there for us!

I’m honored to have such a wonderful mom and best friend and I am thankful for all the family memories that are engraved in my heart.

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