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Smt. Viji Chandran - India

Hari om
Joined Samskrutha Bharathi 2009 October.
Attended 2010-2019 ten years attended shikshan prashikshan (training to teach)
Took 115 ten days spoken Sanskrit shibhiram
In 115 shibhiram
20 online classes done .more than 620 persons attended online classes.
Sambashanam Shibhiram conducted in Jammu Andhra Telangana ,Karnataka, Mumbai and Tamilnadu,(so many residencial camps in so many dist.)
23 teachers workshops .
Balabharathi workshops.
Amazing teaching talent with humor, always smiling, motivating ppl and taking them in Divine path.Teaching Sanskrit and Bhagavat Geetha without tired round the clock. Endless dedication and I sm one amoung her student and her service abd dedication inspired me a lot to nominate her here.

Share your Video link if you have any

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