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Priya Seetharaman - India

I'm a mental health practitioner , Spiritual psychologist, Psychotherapist, Spiritual healer, Speakerpreneur, Sociopreneur, Wellpreneur , Inspirationpreneur

Founder of NJIYO ( NGO)
Founder of Inside your mind
Founder of Preesha the handcrafted stories, promoting eco-friendly and sustainable living concepts through handmade eco-friendly products.

*Member- BJP education cell Pune
*Ambassador- Me to We mission ( Men Empowerment and Gender equality)

*Mental health practitioner at -' Har Mahina Har Mahila'
*Juvenile Justice Counselor

My story-

*I founded NJIYO ( NGO) in 2017 followed my calling to give back to society, working towards the cause of empowering the underprivileged and marginalised section of society. Have been featured multiple times about NJIYO activities in different newspapers . Signature project Red dot campaign has earned its due credibility .
*Work as Juvenile justice counselor and I believe in transforming
them through wellness workshops.

*Launched a social project NAYI UMEED , free counseling for the needy.
*I have conducted 25 free live sessions on mental wellness only during the lockdown period in different Facebook groups.

*I was a panelist speaker at an educational summit 2021 on the 2nd march 2021 , speaking about holistic wellness, how to implement in school and why values are important. Was recognised , felicitated and featured in Times of India, NIE edition for the same.

*My story has been featured in a facebook group under- Hall of Fame series

* I m a conqueror, survivor of clinical depression and a debilitating autoimmune disorders ( a lifestyle disease)
I have chosen to fight my life s battles with chin up and with valour .

I challenged myself not only to overcome my difficulties but also to help people overcome theirs.

My message, my motto!
Live each moment at a time. Accept life s challenges with a smile . Believe that you are born for a reason and fight !

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