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Nithya Sowmy - United Kingdom

I'm Nithya Sowmy.Moved to London 3 years back with my husband & son.From then I started working with kids to nurture them about our heritage,culture & tradition through slokas,stories and music.Have been teaching music & slokas for more than 11 years.A successful Youtuber where I share recipes, spiritual informations, traditional happenings in & around London.I have been promoting our culture n tradition through various programs with kids to ensure parents that our next generation is in safe hands.Also I was blessed to teach & promote Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam for more than 200 students all over the world for free. I strongly believe in Mass Prayers and I started Mass chanting to eradicate and save us from COVID and still continuing the service.
I feel so proud of my kids when they perform in various places and the kids are always happy & excited to attend my bootcamp projects is what I feel as my main achievement.
Iam happily & actively involved and contribute to any thing that promotes our Indian culture & tradition.

Share your Video link if you have any

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