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Mrs. Viji Chandran - India

Hari om
Shrimathi Viji Chamdran.

Profession & Passion
Teaching heritage language Sanskrit, Baghavat Gita & other Slokas to inspire people to lead Divine Life with all values.
She joined Samskrita Bharati in 0ctober 2009, an Indian NGO (founded 1981) is a movement for the continuing protection, development and propagation of the Sanskritam language as well as the literature, tradition and the knowledge systems embedded in it. From 2010-2019 for 10 years attended various Shikshan Prashikshan (training to teach)
Ten days spoken Samskruth Shibhirams both physical 115 Nos.
and 20 online classes done & several hundred persons attended online classes.
Sambhashanam Shibhiram conducted in various parts of India across the length & breadth of the country viz. Jammu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana ,Karnataka, Mumbai and Tamilnadu consisting of so many residencial camps in so many Districts. She was part of
23 Teachers Workshops .
Bala Bharathi Workshops.
At first she wanted to learn one of the oldest & the heritage Languages Sanskrit for exploration in her life. She was attracted to the simple and easy Methodology adopted in teaching an in-depth language. She
Started liking learning and later dedicating her life in transferring the treasure she got as her enlightened soul guided her "Mission Knowledge Transfer" of a very great language of rich heritage & still useful to all people in the Universe in all walks of life to lead a Life with Light. Now it is her full time passion & selfless service with Enjoyment to teach Aksharam ,Sarala Sambashanam, reciting Bhagavat Gita & other divine slokas with meanings. Her students are from 8 years old to 80 years. They are spread across globe connected through online. She never mindis discomforts at domestic fronts as she is well supported by her family. She
Very much liked Samskruth Sambhashanam & was motiveted and guided by very Special Shikshakas from samskrita Bharathi. She wanted to share the same and more to others. This was the seed sown 11 years before has become a mighty Tree. We enjoy the goodness of shades of Samskrit today through her
Selfless service in promoting Sanskrit. All not for any considerations but a simple
unconditional knowledge transfer with love & affection. Devoted, sincere, teacher above par. Can teach anyone to speak in Sanskrit within the 10 days Shibiram Class. Amazing sense of humour, always smiling, tolerant, binds everyone with Love only. Never seen her uttering harsh words or talking tough, hard to found qualities. Thankful to learn Sanskrit under her Guidance. Certainly deserves this award. I nominate her for the same. Like me many more students will certainly vouchsafe the above stated & come forward to nominate her without any hesitation.
Chennai India.

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