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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Yashmi Mohamed - Maldives

Entry No: 


English Poetry

The way your love changed me:
As he spoke with ardency, a spark ignited inside,
the words, like wood, kept the flame from burning out,
As he spoke, I could sense the fervor in his eyes,
Hope and faith he gave me, a new pair of wings to fly,
with no discern of apathy, he could transform a frown,
into the most alluring smile,
and as I begin to drown, I sense something weak,
myself is all that is left, immature and juvenile,
I sense something missing, a dash of sunshine,
He was all I had, and now, it is the time for goodbye,
Every single detail, makes him harder to forget,
Those eyes neither black or brown but,
the color of the moon, and rainy clouds,
eerily serene,
good souls leave quickly, being too good for this chaotic world,
happily ever after remains a dream without you,
your absence weakens me, though I must stand strong,
dear grandpa, when will you return?
I yearn for the day we reunite again,
until then, I shall use the wings you gave me,
to soar as far into the sky as I could,
as I do, all I sense is love,
I come to realize everything, when it seems like time has stopped,
Love is BOLD,
Love is EMPATHY,
Love is always there because,
Love is YOU <3

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