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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Vivega Thiruselvam - India

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English Story

My soulmate

Love is the common thing happens in the world , everyone feels the love at any situation

So I'm also feels that love its not
about boyfriend it about my soulmate

My mom call me vivegaaaa
So I woke up from the bed
My mom told today also you late
In hurry burry I dressed up to go for my school

I said mom I took my lunch and bye mom

My idiot friend wait for me near the tree actually I call her name by idiot
She gave me curd rice because morning I ate curd rice only .

We went to class room ,she tooks notes for me .

Our school ended. I think my idiot friend never meet me in future

I joined to art college , I'm surprised because my idiot friend is waiting for me near the tree
Before asking she tell I joined this college
I asked why
She said because of you

She sacrifices her love for me because I loved that boy

I had accident that time she donate her blood for me

She hlep me at any situation
She supports me
She cares me
And also she loves me

Lastly I asked why you did this
She replied because I'm having unconditional love towards you

I cried and tell ,I love you forever and ever
I'm having unbreakable relationship with you

We are not having any blood relationship but you more than that
My soulmate
I will never leave you at any situation

Love has no limits
Love has no endings
Its only have the feeling

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