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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Vineeth Anbarasan - India

Entry No: 


English Story

Girl - I am so happy, that you came to see me as a surprise on my birthday 😍
Boy - 🙈🙈
Girl - Of all the gifts I got, I am waiting only for your gifts 😍 and I am excited to see that... Please show that 😀😀😀
Boy - Just simply close your eyes , and a cute gift is waiting for you
Girl - I am so excited nowww, and she closed her eyes
Boy - Now slowly open your eyes, he gave a mirror 🔮 pointing towards her face. I thought of days and months for giving you the most cutest gift in the world but nothing I could find more cuter than your lovely face ❤️👩 and now you are looking at the most cutest thing in the universe 😍 and wish you a happieeee birthday dear
Girl - Started blushing on hearing those praises and sweet lies of him, she felt so happy and hugged the boy and gave a kiss on his cheeks 😉😘

Moral of the story - Saying lie anyone can do, but saying sweet lies only few can do. So think before where do you want to stand after a lie, with a kiss 😘 or with a thanks from her😉

FYI - Men are good in saying lies, women are masters on finding the lies, but the truth is they love those sweet lies 🙈

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