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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Vigneshprabhu J - India

Entry No: 


English Story

"REKKAI-WINGS" is a dravidian politics approximately dividing two wing analysts to , 1. Hindi language imposition to nationality belongs indian banned education to union policy of state. 2.citizenship amendment act anti-agitation of union state opposition were indian. One wing to he is the citizen of 1 Country boundless union state of partition plaintiff wing broken back handicapped. flying cannot indian entire language unknownly union government territory consist free cost of living together students unknown national language about indian completely job alliance , citizen domicile undebited life thence 1 wing breakable india. 2nd wing about citizenship amendment act bring to opposition very complicated were with union territory learning pacsin to legal minions of citizen entity otherwise southern region about North, east, and west India elapsed known full dravidian philosophy. Because of 2 wings otherwise how can flying freedom to living union territories. "உங்களைப்போல சிறகுகள் விறிக்க நானும் ஆசைக்கொண்டேன், சிறகுகள் இன்றி வானத்தில் பறந்து தினம் தினம் திரும்பி வந்தேன்"... Rekkai one bird living to two wings compulsory being god of nature give sanctuary. Atleast 1 loss or damage of birds wing unclaimed similarly other birds by solution. But human necessarily helping to hand all of globe this one alike has to sapthavarnacreations debted citizen related stories.

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