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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Venkat Sai - India

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English Story


Love is not an object ,which can be bought from shops or can't be traded. Love is an expressive emotional word which are in more forms and everyone's love is different which also cannot be compared or measured ! i.e. Pet's love , Mother's love ,Father's, Sibling's ,Friend's etc. Love is the richest one which everyone and I have always. And also it can't be expressed properly through words better than feelings. So here let me try to express my mother's permanent love towards me (children) in words :

My mother is indeed a loud person , beautiful and quiet person too. When I got offended, it was she who pacified me. She is very protective when required. Her eyes reveals everything. I always feel happy and relaxed in my mom's lap.

In this blazing world , My mother is a pleasant shade. If she scolds me badly , I feel hurt and she also feels sad(hurt). She would stay awake the whole night and sing lullabies for me. MOTHER IS A WORD WHICH TOUCHES THE HEART. BUT MORE THAN A MOTHER IS SOMEONE WHO CAN DO ANYTHING FOR YOU !

She is the epitome , who made a lot of sacrifices for my happiness and I respect my mother immensely and also I have a lot of love for her. And for me "She is my BEST LOVER IN THE WORLD". There is no end to count and compare mother's love with anything in the world (God's gift).

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