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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil


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English Poetry

A drive
The black coal road on a full moon day
A cool breeze with a song
Living or driving the happiest moment of life
A sudden break in mind not in car
A love song in radio a heart broken heart started beating after years
Ya movie of 11 years flashed infront
And vanished but the heart started chase the memories dumbed deep down in heart
Another break bring him back to the present life
now the break applied by car
A man saying about his love in radio
And he imagined her queen in the car near him
She is not there but here memories are all here
Her life is happy without me but there is not life without her
She said living with u is heal but leaving her is heal
She said I don't care about her but I am one who doesn't care about self
Tears can't make me stay she said but tears are the only thing which can speak for me right now
My crying doesn't bring you back but my crying bring back ur memories where I am happy
She said can't you be silent for a minute but I am the silent person now in my life
May or may not you back my love but my love never leave you
Memories can kill responsibility can sperate possivness can slap but my love will hug you
The cold night under a full moon ended again with your memories the
moon light is my hope
How moon send his spark to Earth
Like that I'll send my love to you
Doesn't matter where u go where u stay you'll receive

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