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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Shriharish Prabhakar - India

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English Story

Once there was a famous Oncologist in a city. For some reason the doctor did not believe in god. He believed Science only. He was invited for an International conference and he accepted the invitation. The day he had to start there was a cyclone due to which all the flights got cancelled. Since he accepted the invitation he did not want to miss the conference. He decided go by car. On the way the car got punctured. It was midnight and it was very dark and drizzling outside. He felt very cold and was helpless. He saw a small hut at a distance. He went there to get help. The lady in the house offered him some hot tea and snacks and made him a bed to rest. She said there is no telephone facility in the village and he can get a mechanic in the early morning. He soon slept off because of his tiresome driving and cold climate. He heard a weeping sound and woke up and found the lady in a small room sitting near a bed and crying. There was a small boy lying in the bed. The doctor was anxious to know the reason for the lady's sadness. The doctor inquired about the boy and came to know that it was her son who was suffering from blood cancer and she was not able to afford any more medication and she believed only in god to cure her son. The doctor told her that he can help her son to recover from his illness. She saw a ray of hope. She felt so better. The doctor kept his words and made her son well. He said that Science has made her son well. She said that her unconditional love and belief in god has created the cyclone, punctured the car and made the doctor come to her for help. She said that love can do miracles in peoples life and that has happened in her life too and asked the doctor to believe in god and love. Because god is nothing but unconditional love.........

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