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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Shalini Devanand - Qatar

Entry No: 


English Poetry

‘Twas yet another rainy day
With a lot of pitter-patter of raindrops , along the way
Such a sight, but at times, the thunder would give her the fright!
Jane sighed and went inside, to look at the grandfather clock
Oh , how it’d cuckoo, and how she’d squeal with joy as a child!
Her mother dear would’ve prepared such lovely snacks
And she’d amazed the town by her kitchen hacks!
Her mother was a beauty with brain
Helping Jane learn , she wasn’t any different
Than the rest of the madding world, but unique in her own right!

‘You’ve come to add your own hue to this world ’, she’d say on starry nights
Oh how wonderful were those times! When she’d discourse young Jane on her lap
Stroking her hair gently whilst Jane would play with her dolls and trains!
But sadly, Jane couldn’t see her using the walking cane.

Thinking about which, her mother had said something, which had forever stuck with her
‘Darling Amelia-Jane, in this world, there is no dearth for love,
It is a magical thing you see, so much that it is instrumental in transforming,
A beast to a kindhearted soul, like the ray of light in a dark room,
Affection is the essence that comes out of it
Like the sweet music from the wind chimes,
For it is love, in the form of the wind, that makes the chimes to sound

And for love, there is no bound or law
It is free and sweet, and must be shared amongst all
It doesn’t need to be expressed everytime, for it can be felt
Like the sunshine on a nice sunny day
or the rustle of leaves during an autumn day
Love , when true, is at its best
It is a mighty strength to be understood, that only some can weld
Affection may not necessarily be love, for it is but its essence
There may be hundreds in this world who may be affectionate to you,
But there is only a sparse amount, who truly love you!’

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