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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Sakthi Thiru - India

Entry No: 


English Poetry

Bittersweet and Us

I should've known,
When our starlines slowly became straight,
We were never meant to be.

I was fine, with my sky in greys and blacks,
Seeing through the deceited darkness
Living with them in contentment.
Your manipulating violets and merciless reds,
Pushed me into your world of confused rainbows,
My vision that once happily thrived in monochromes,
Now taken to a landscape where I wish to turn blind.

I was supposed to fall down like the leaves of autumn,
Dried of life, devoid of smiles,
Your silkened webs coocooned me,
Spun me with bitter truths,
Awakening me with those futile dewdrops,
Thawing my winter to a new spring,
Twisting fate with your magical hands,
An act I thought, was selfish

I loved living my life,
Accustomed to dramas of deception,
Your barged into my room, pulled my curtains close,
Barricading my fictioned fables and remorseful reality,
Separating those two entwined lovers apart,
Joining our hearts together,
Pushing me from the fantasized stage to the land, I wish not to belong.

I wanted to bath in the seas of tearing salts,
Drown myself, Cease my breath
I trusted you, that you'll take me to the shore,
Not realising I would be breathing wafts of of sea shells and corals,
And fall for you in a painful love
Leaving your hand, I tried walking towards the sea
But your endless clouds of joys,
Trapped me in a maze,
The sounds so infuriating and addictive,
My passion for you so dangerous and destructive,
I wandered through,
Loosing myself in those tinkling giggles.

I was right,
We were parallels never meant to be,
But your words were true,
We were lines of two pages in the same book,
Embracing again and again everytime it closed.

- Sakthi

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