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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Sadham K - India

Entry No: 


English Story


Joy, a young I.T. guy was living a luxurious life. One day, he was out to market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. After grabbing some vegetables, he decided to buy apples. He was busy with his phone and ordered a dozen of newly arrived apples. Apples there were of two standards, high quality Organic apples and Old ones. Organic apples were usually exported from Kashmir after so many process so it costs more than the Old ones and the fruit vendor assured him that it can be sustained for long. But the old ones were with limited durability. Back to our story, Joy ordered the organic apples but unexpectedly an apple from the old ones fell into his package. Joy was busy with his call so no one noticed that incident. High standard apple is ‘Tip’ and Old one is ‘toe’.
After shopping, Joy reached his house. Now, he starts to unpack the package of vegetables and fruits to preserve them in fridge. Suddenly, some works come up so he is in hurry while unpacking and he leaves two apple unknowingly. They starts rolling and reach the bottom of a table. Later, Joy tries to take those apples but finds that one of them belongs to old ones and going to rotten. He gets angry and throws them back. He goes to bed.
At midnight, the apples start breathing. Their eyes and mouths are opened. Both gets shocked and panicked on seeing each other under such circumstances. They are aware of their own standards. But like humans, Tip tries to keep distance with the old ones. It feels humiliating to Toe and it decides to maintain space. Time passes slowly, all of the sudden there exists the movement of bugs and cockroach. Now the distance between the apples gets vanished. Tip moves toward Toe with freaking fake smile. They start conversing and introduce each other. Tip says that she is from Kashmir and came here with her family. Toe introduces himself and mentions that he is from the local town farm. During the conversation,

TIP: “Are you alone here?”

TOE: “Yes, I’m alone in my entire stall life.”

TIP: “I couldn’t get you, Can you repeat it?”

TOE: “My life is more difficult than yours. For instance, throughout my life I was given as a token of love to all the regular customers. I was like free of cost offered by fruit vendors without hesitation”
TOE: “Did I do anything wrong to become old with short sustainability?”

TIP: “I’m really sorry for how I was!”

TOE: “Don’t be, this is our life so we lost count of my family and now I’m alone forever”
TOE: “Yet, there is something that makes me happy”

TIP: “Wow! What is it?”

TOE: “It’s you”

TIP: “Pardon me”

TOE: “I remembered the first day, when I came to the stall. I noticed you and your look. You were so reddish with beautiful smile and it attracted my eyes. From then, I was addicted to your smile and still now I am!”
TIP: “What are you saying? I haven’t even noticed you before”

TOE: “Unfortunately you can’t because I’m under your crate”
Tip feels sorry for Toe’s fate. Slightly there rises a sympathy within Tip over Toe. Time passes. Due to short span of life, Toe becomes weak and his body starts swelling which attracts ants and bugs. Unfortunately a mob of ants finds those apples. The situation becomes terrible for Tip and Toe and they are afraid. Toe decides to sacrifice his life for her. So he starts rolling towards the ant’s nest. Tears roll down on her cheeks. Tip’s sympathy turned into love and she is watching how cruelly Toe gets attacked by those ants. They start to eat Toe furiously.
Toe feels no pain because he is sacrificing himself for the one he cherishes the most. He becomes a feast for those ants and it is more like a food festival. Suddenly, there is no pain and no ants around him. He turns around and gets shocked. Tip is not there and he gets panicked. He cries and starts shouting her name loud and loud. From a distance, he hears a voice which is trembling. It is Tip. She stands behind Toe to prevent him. Those ants were blocked by Tip. Despite of Toe, Tip sacrifices her life out of love. Though Toe’s life is short, Tip saved him some time to see the world. Tip is dead. Sometime later, Toe becomes weak and he follows Tip to the heaven.
Alarm rings. Finally, Joy wakes up from his dream of apples.
Yes, the apple’s story was a dream which makes Joy to realize the importance of life nevertheless of standards. On the next day, Joy goes to the fruit shop and finds two apples similar to those dreamy apples. He accepts both the apples and blends it as a juice.
“With or without Wealth, Life is meant to be lived!
Destiny is something unpredictable and certain with everyone’s lifes nevertheless of who we are!”

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