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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Roshini Chakkravarthi - India

Entry No: 


English Story

Niko’s Ghost

Maya’s lip trembled as she stared at Niko. She knew it was time for her dog to go to heaven. Her best friend.
“It’s ok Maya. Time to let go.” her mother said, hiding the tears in her eyes. The vet came and loaded Niko into the back.
-4 months later-

Maya lugged her luggage to the top floor. Her family had just moved to a very boring town
“Maya come here!” her father called.
“Ok, ” Maya replied and went down. Her parents were holding a large box. It looked like it was moving. “What is that?”
They opened the box and a small brown and white puppy jumped out. It looked just like Niko.
“We got a dog for you since you were so sad.” her parents said.
Maya ran to her room crying. That night she fell asleep with dreams of Niko.

Maya woke up with a start.
“Arf, ” came a small bark.
“I don’t want you in my room, go away.”
“Arf, Woof.” There was Niko, a transparent ghost version.
“What are you doing here? You should be in heaven. Unless you need to do something.” Maya said. “ And I need to help you.”
“Arf. Woof”

Maya began drawing a plan.
“Ok let's try this first. What is it that you need to finish here?”
“Well, maybe you never got to say bye to your favorite toy,” Maya questioned.
Maya ran down with Nikos's ghost and got the chewed-up sloth toy.
“Say bye.” Niko did but it didn’t work. “Ok next. Food. Smell your favorite food.”
“Ruff Ruff!”
“Smell the pickles, ”. That didn’t work either but Niko’s ghost became visibly more transparent.”
“It’s working but you aren’t going yet.”
“Arf. You need to accept that I am gone. Then I’ll be able to go to heaven. Arf”
“But you're my best friend. How can I say bye?”
“You have to accept it.”
Maya began crying. She knew that to send Niko to heaven, she would have to say goodbye.
“Goodbye. You are my best friend.” with that word Niko’s outline began fading and he went up. Her new puppy came up the stairs and she smiled. She loved Niko and always would but it was time for her to accept reality and move on.

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