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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil


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English Story

A girl was walking home one day. Her name is Lisa. Nothing pleased her more than walking along the busy street dan looking at the grass doors of the shops. When doing so, she never failed to stop to look at the latest laptops in the computer shop.

She was thinking, “I would love to own that laptop. But nobody will buy it for me. ”

So Lisa thought hard of what to do. The school holiday is coming up next week. An idea struck her. She would do odd jobs to earn some money. Yes! That was what she would do.

She designed a plan of working in her neighbours's gardens. First, he would approach them and ask them to let her clean up their gardens. Each owner would probably pay her RM50 or RM60. Working in more than ten gardens would enable her to accumulate enough cash to buy her beloved laptop.

The next day, she went around her neighbourhood and asked them politely, “Excuse me. Can I work in your garden during the school holiday ? ”. Many of the owners replied ‘Yes.’ They like the courteous girl.

So Lisa started work in her first house. She woke up early that morning. She took three hours to clear the rubbish and cut the grass. It was not easy work. She had to mow the lawn. After that, she had to pull out weeds. Then, she had to arrange the flowerpots. This arduos labour went on for a week. Consequently, she had no time for games or even watch television.

Her friend, Nana, told her, “Hey, forget about your laptop. Come and join our football game.”

Her mother, feeling concerned for her daughter's well - being, pleaded with her husband, “Just give her the money for the laptop.”

Her father said, “No. It is better for her if she works hard for it. She will appreciate her laptop so much more.”

After two week, she managed to save RM 700. All this money was kept safely inside a drawer. She was thinking, “Not too bad.” After this, she needed another RM 300. That would mean another week of cleaning gardens.

By the end of November, she had saved up enough money. She now had RM 1000. Early in the morning, she went to the computer shop. The owner of the shop smiled upon seeing Lisa outside his shop. As usual, he asked, “Come to look at the laptop again ?” .

This time, Lisa said, “Oh no, not just to take a look. This time I came to buy it. ” Than she walked inside the shop knowing that she deserved her reward.

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