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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil


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English Poetry

Face is the index of the mind
Facebook is also this kind
If you have worries it will wind
If you have sweet memories it will rewind
Sometimes this book is also blind !
Facebook is common to all
It is a channel to give a call
Officials treat as a confrence hall
Emotional persons can easily fall
Somebody use this as public toilet wall !
Facebook leads everyone to joy
It gives maturity though he is a boy
The lines on this face give annoy
Even the lions are caught by this ploy
If nothing to say people say 'hai' !
If you laugh it will bloom
If you cry it will gloom
Heap of sweepings in this room
Some messages swipe as broom
Dusk shower brings up dawn mushrooms !
Sow your thoughts in this land
Scrolled 'comments' may weeded
'Likes' all over the world may showered
'Share'ing add manure in this field
Glory and satisfaction are the yield !
Facebook is a social network site
It is flying high and high as a kite
With out pen and ink you can write
Though you have right to write
You shouldn't violate human right !

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