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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Kohila.G G - India

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English Story

Topic- love
Know, everybody writes about love story. However, this one wasn't a love story from the beginning.
The girl with an panic hearted to give self introduction on her 1 class, the heartbeat is rising and eyes is not in stable mode. A guy has been entered and giving his introduction by hearing that voice the girl raised her head and seen him, now the girl eyes was stabled. For a week she is not in her control she is thinking and flashing the eyes the guy ,later she came to known that not only for her many girls are attracted by him.she is very panic to intract with him . When she have guts to say her opininon she will think that he will be in relationship so, that she skip to say or talk to him. Like an clouds passed the years also passed and college life also came to end .she was waited that he will came and propose but noo. Later she have an idea to interact with him in social media .she gave an request anyway he had accepted that . She will wish him only on his birthday, his reply will be only thankyou . She is doing post graduation in her native, with his thought will be going on. After completion of her PG stars rain came to her with two sweet news , she was completed her PG with gold medalist and second one is ( the guy one attracted her in UG came here to propose her) the reality is the guy also have same feeling on her but he didn't expressed because she want to achieve her aim and want success in her life .she have no words express .
The heartbeats has stoped and the eye of the girl is not in stable while seeing him.In her thought it was like an imaginary dream. But not for the story, this is the true in her life. "Now she came to known that he have girlfriend , the girl is she." And he came to this college for her. Both had same feeling but not expressed . The time has been passed to express their love to them.So, that only people used to say that "TIME IS PRECIOUS"
(At starting it was affectionate and attraction to her but the time changed its into love on him)
"Life gives beautifull things if you waited for your time"

For her it's came like an affection and finished in love .

Thanking you for giving this opportunity to express the people's creatives in writing 🙏keep ahead going on...

Thanking you.

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