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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Keerthana R - India

Entry No: 


English Poetry


With my coiffure mushroomed and schoolbag heavy,
My joy dazzled visaging his hair bonny,
With my deep tubby blow and heart hefty,
My wings started to fly, glancing his chin cheery,
Yes, it's my beautifully faded one !!

With my uniform grey and eyes pink,
His watch portrayed romantic with shirt blue,
With my laces loose and lips abuse,
His tie was tight with face clean white,
Yes, it's my beautifully faded one !!

Waiting for my schoolbus arriving nine thirty nine,
His Innova horned tight posing nine twenty five
Hustling my eyes for a glance twilight,
His blink invoked my iris, a glamorous light,
Yes, it's my beautifully faded one !!

His glance was light which my nerves caught fright,
His smile was bright, evoking my heroine alight,
With his nose small sharp and lips red blood,
My soul was ready, inspite being, a minor teddy,
Yes, it's my beautifully faded one !!

With his name unknown and place unaware,
Desiring for his hug, next hundred years alive,
My love on sight was bright catching height,
Panicking about his reply, mum I lie,
Yes, it's my beautifully faded one !!

With bus horn massive, taking me away spontaneous,
My heart squirrelled weighty, for next meet hungrily,
Unaware of my upcomings, I needed him badly,
Years passed, waiting and waiting for him lovely,
Yes, it's my beautifully faded one!!

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