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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil


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English Story

In a glimpse of early summer there deep inside an ovoid ball with a Center possess dark circle, A birth of fluid begins like a river origins from the mountain, the flow of the fluid is rapid and endless .
The man called husband tries to control the flow by admonishing the owner of the ovoid ball with a little bit reprimand but who tells, the owner of ovoid ball lives in the dark with her 4 year child separated from her because of a new pandemic covid 19 affects her cherry infant in a conditioned play school whom to blame mumbles the owner of ovoid ball no one but mother of a child.
The restless fluid flow washes the face of the owner where the only positive factor is the fluid consist a messiah named enkephalin whom resolves pain of separation of mother from her child.
The television over there always talks covids and covid invitees (affected fellows) to separation where they help themselves in a hospital but here the mother waiting and seeking peace in tear sleep, when the little invitee of their home will come.
A bed which covered with a white blanket covers all over the bed’s iron legs and resembles a white box, under this bed a lime lamp of light persuades us to see the infant cherry sleeping with dry salty cheeks, another mountain and ovoid ball reactions with cherry. The girl dries out the tears and fell asleep like she does in home when her mom and dad are fighting and expecting that her mom would come and take her to the meal after those family confrontations but in tragedy the infant lies in the middle of noises such as coughing and sneezing of 50 year old lady on the nearby adult covid invitees section where her mom is nowhere.
Tragedy dissolves and infant cherry woke up from the top of her bed in home, how come she came here? Where is mother?. Before she was in the dark bottom of bed and now she elevated to upper light of bed in her home, she mutters. obviously, the father took her here while sleeping hence she is partially cured.
The girl longs to see her mother, found to be nowhere then the father told the girl that her mother also infected with the virus and staying in the next room.
The mother mumbles the slow words through the wall and sometimes through the father but couldn’t able see her cherry infant.
The one man who holds the family and cares the family in this situation THE FATHER was always a stoic until this day when he is alone despite the presence of all of his little hearts in same home but different rooms, the convergence of sadness incessantly induce the ovoid fluid of a stoic no one but THE FATHER
The days of longing yet last for long and the zest of covid changed the harmony in the family however in our story 20 days later the girl cured and stabilized herself
And makes herself present before the door of her lovable mother every minute and second and mother hides her suffering from her child by talking always with a struggled pinch of smile, the door talks of mother and daughter lasts for 10 days until the mom cured and the family becomes trite and normal. The father rests.
The AFFECTION and LOVE of MOTHER and CHILD restored the flow of fluid from the ovoid ball.

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