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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

Karthik TM - India

Entry No: 


English Poetry

Once upon a Life

She left last morning, moist eyes and a heavy heart
the skies opened up, as if the whole of my life was crying
She said goodbye , she said farewell, she said things I fear most
Her voice was trembling, my soul died that very minute

As I walk through the moaning walls of this town
as if the ghost within me had died once again
The loveliness of that beautiful visage , of that woman who was mine
comes near me , she reaches out ,as we walk hand in hand into paradise
As I open my eyes, she is gone, my hand goes limp, my life stands still

What were the last words she said to me, my ears only heard the song on her lips
Did she say she's going , or did she say she is leaving
Where does this quandary leave me now? when will my heart stop wanting her
I left her yesterday for the first time, I said hello, she said goodbye

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