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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil


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English Poetry

Endless Love

It was the best of times;
It was the season of light,
It was the age of wisdom;
It was the spring of hope.

On a Spring day,
My heart started ringing
My soul started singing
Looking at a handsome young man.

When I saw him
I fell in love, and he smiled
Because he knew. . .
He is the key to my heart.

When he favoured me, I adored him
When he delighted me, I desired him,
When he amused me, I appreciated him,
When he proposed to me, I accepted him.

I loved him against reasons;
I loved him against peace
I loved him against hope,
Against all discouragement that could be.

I don't know what it was
That made me love him. . .
I loved him not because he was handsome;
He was more of myself.

He gifted everything beyond my wishes-as
He is my greatest gift.

We’re bound for eternity,

From our comforting haven to heaven,

"My Dear Baby, as long as the sun shines...
The wind blows, the rain falls...
You'll live in my heart as long as it beats.
You are well tangled in my soul, Love!!!!

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