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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil

jayalakshmi Srinivasan - India

Entry No: 


English Story


My sister and I love black forest cakes more than anything else in this world.

We had one single piece of it left at home, after the party last night. Our eyes were constantly on it, while we were gulping down idlies for breakfast. We were eagerly waiting to grab half half of the last cake piece before going to school.

Soon after breakfast, our hands automatically moved forward to fetch the delicacy.

Patti pat our hand away and said

“No black forest in the morning. You can have it after you come back from school.”

How drastically has the mood shifted from excitement to disappointment. :(

We went to school by van and everything written in black board with white chalk looked like black forest to me. School bell sounded so divine today. I ran like a marathoner to reach the van. My sister reached even before I did. I could see that joy of anticipation in her eyes.

We reached our place and saw a small girl begging. As I got down from my van, I was walking with my hands in the pocket, the coins that my Patti had offered me were dancing. The sound of the coins allured the little girl towards me to ask for charity.

I introduced the little girl to patti and asked her to give her something. I felt proud of myself and my kindness, head held high, I refreshed myself and rushed back to Patti for the cake.

“I gave it to her to eat, we had so much of it last night. She was hungry. Poor girl. ok ok Come Let me give you Dosa” Patti said.

“Why had I been so selfish!!! I had coins in my pocket, if I had given that to her, I would have gotten my cake. A lesson learnt at the cost of my dear black forest.” I reflected

Thinking so, Me and my sister looked at the poor girl walking out of our compound happily licking her fingers. She looked at us with LOVE. It tasted better than our Black forest.

Entry No: 


English Poetry

My fight with him,
Terminated with victory.
He left me accepting his faults.

Can I smile over my arguments?
Or worry over his departure?
It left me with a tragic smile..

It took years to understand
It's okay to lose fights and forgo ego
Than to lose a person and his love.

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