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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil


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English Poetry

She is dressed with love!
She hides the pain,
like mantle of mystery!
Drinking deeply of my thoughts!
She holds me tight in her heart,
in the cocoon of warmth
and fragrance of love!
Ma, I still hide the love for you in this poem!!


Entry No: 


English Story


"He is mine", I said, no he is mine said a girl named Mercury, who is close to him. He is gallant and hot. I always walk around him. I cant take my eyes from him. I wish the gravity could take me near him! No matter what ,phosphenes always bring him. Once, I was dressed in blue with green patches. Though I look pretty he never looked at me. Oh! these variants never attract him. My winters needed him. Apricity makes me warm. My summers were insane. My springs welcomed him with bouquets of flowers. I roam around him all the 365 days. I admire at his abendrot though I would miss him. Once he looked at me, after a long await has paved to this success. But after that people in me made me dressed with black, that is they have smeared me with industrial smokes, plastics, and they let the smoke into my nose. That is very annoying. They have wrecked all my green on me and built tall sky-scrappers on me. Uhh! It is very heavy to carry! Ghosty human have taken my blue water out of me. Now I stand without my beautiful looking blue green elegant dress. I am a plain jane now. My temperature has increased because of these peoplely action and my glaciers are melting. Now I am feeling too cold. I wish he would come and save me! This is Earth writing to you with tears! Love can be in any form. Our mother earth has been showering us with its love all these years. Now it is our turn to show love to our beloved Earth.


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