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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil


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English Story


What a wonderful day, dramatically blissful golden sky, birds chirping on one side and the polluting traffic on the other side. Like a usual busy day people running for their job. I was standing at the bus stop, waiting for my bus. The previous night didn’t go well as much as expected. Had a late-night party, and got myself so drunk that I couldn’t manage to pick her call for so long. Yes, my precious soul was very angry and upset with me. Now as a caring boyfriend I should convince her and apologies to her for my ignorance. All of this was in my mind made me frustrated. Then my bus came I boarded and luckily for that day I got a seat to settle down. When nothing goes proper on your head music is the only peace. I took out my earphones and started listening to my favorites melodies. A girl boarded the bus and my eyes were onto her. She had a shoulder bag and was carrying a novel in her hand. For that of a sunny day as like any other girl, she was also covering her face with the shawl, yet there I had a small gap from which I can see her tempting eyes, and her round specs gave an additional attraction to her gorgeous eyes… As I said I was lucky to get a seat on the bus on that busy day but still was not so lucky, yeah the girl though had a seat next to me she didn’t sit there.
Let me describe her looks that day she was in a black chudi wearing white patiyala pant. As she was covered with her shawl, all I could see is her beautiful tempting eyes. Her eyes were so deep and beautiful that my whole world would reflect in them, as deep as an ocean, as dreamy as starry night as pretty as lotus petals, as mesmerizing as a sunrise, and as innocent as a child’s laughter. I fell for her eyes itself and was very excited to see her whole beautiful face and her smile. She saw me and ignored then started to read her novel and I was like a statue just looking at her as she was reading. After few minutes out of discomfort, she took off her shawl. That simple action of her taking shawl, wasn’t simple for me, it was like a pearl coming out from its shell in the deep sea. The hotness of the sunny day felt nothing for me In front of her hotness.
The sun rays through the windows fell on her. It was like a poetic moment for me, she removed her shawl and the rays on her face. Finally, I get to see her face, her eyes, her chubby cheeks paints a ray of sunshine on her entire face, and cute dimples on her face and her red lips, and there come to her smile, it captures the joy and was so magical and the world felt like a better place looking at her. I couldn’t take my sight away from her and was kept on staring and suddenly with that same joy mood she turned and looked straight into my eyes, I was like wow!! and for a moment her eyes, her lips, her soul all at once smiled at me.
Within a second she turns angry at me as if seeing some strange thing. She took her phone dialed a number, my phone vibrates.
I took out my phone and said hello. “Idiot why are you looking at me like that, “said the person on call. “I LOVE YOU”, I said to her. Then I hung the call and looked at my wallpaper. IT WAS A PICTURE OF US TOGETHER AND THE CAPTION SAID, MY LOVE……

Entry No: 


தமிழ் கவிதை (Tamil Kavidhai)

நண்பர்களாக தொடங்கிய நம்பயணத்தில்
பல நிகழ்வுகளில் உன்னிடம் காதல்கொண்டேன்,
உன் புன்னகையிடம் காதல்கொண்டேன்,
உன் சுபாவத்திடம் காதல்கொண்டேன்,
உன் கோபத்திடம் காதல்கொண்டேன்,
உன் அகங்காரத்திடம் காதல்கொண்டேன்,
உன் வலிகளிடம் காதல்கொண்டேன்,
உன்னை நேசிக்கும் என் இதையத்திடம் காதல்கொண்டேன்,
இருப்பினும் அதை உன்னிடம் கூறமுடியாத கிருகனாய் நின்றேன்.

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