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Poetry / Story Writing Contest
கதை / கவிதைப் போட்டி
In English and Tamil


Entry No: 


தமிழ் கவிதை (Tamil Kavidhai)

ஒரு தலை காதல்

சொல்லாமல் போனாலும் உன்மீது நான் கொண்ட காதல் பொய்யாகுமா?
வார்த்தைகள் தான் போதுமா?
மௌனம் தான் தீர்வாகுமா?
காதலில் பெண் காதல் மெய் ஆகுமா?
அவன் சிரிக்கையில் மடங்கும் கண் இமையில் மறைந்து வாழ்கிறது என் காதல்!!!
மடித்த சட்டையிலும் கையில் பிணைந்து கிடக்கும் காப்புப்
நகைக்கிறது எனைப் பார்த்து
நீ வாங்கி தந்த ஸ்மைலி பந்து மட்டுமே கைகொர்கிறது
உன் கைகொர்க்கும் நாள் என்றோ?
ஊர் அறிந்த என் காதல்
உன் உள்ளம் அறிவது சாத்தியமா?

Entry No: 


English Story

A big day in her life. A lot of preparation last night made her little tired but her eyes shine like the sun. Mirror spoke to her with lot of confidence,words can't describe curosity.
Prepared,well prepared,got a cab. Strucked in traffic. Biting her nails running time made her to get down the car and darting towards the auditorium. Heart beats faster and faster. She reached the hall but exhausted.
There comes the announcement of arrival of the chief guest Mrs.Tulasi Malhotra, Business Women of the Year, a great social worker and a empowering women icon. Everyone seated and the Parents day program started. Prayer song ,parenting typical speech followed by chief guest address. Mrs.Malhotra as usual like a lioness stood, spoke, with clappings went back to seat. The cameras flashed like lightening tomorrow's news headline is going to be with this queen.
"Lets welcome Ms.Zara to present a speech"announced. I rushed towards the stage many were not listening discussing about the chief guest speech.
"Good morning everyone on and off the dais. I would like to engage your ears for few minutes about parenting, good parenting. Its not measured by the parents who earn, provide cosy life to their children its just by the child his or her happiness, love with fellow around them. Only when parents are responsible a good child, citizen is raised. Only richness is measured in dollars not wealth. Similarly, money make you comfortable not happy . Let me tell you a story. A prematured baby born twenty years ago in a rich family but after her birth there was a loss in their business. Everyone blamed the birth of child ,relatives,friends,family members. Her mother dropped the child and went to look after the business. The child was taken care by servants as a part of their work. The child longed for her parents, happiness,love atleast a smile from them.Years passed she did all her works by herself. She has seen the society only with her eyes none has hold her hands when she felt alone. Longing for happiness and support she has grown. Her parents reached the clouds in their business. Those business and money can't bring her happiness back. Today the child with those unluckiness speaking in front you,I, Ms.Zara Malhotra first time sharing a stage with ah,uh,... Mrs.Malhotra. I thank everyone for providing this opportunity.Thank you. "
"Before leaving can I take a selfie with you, Mrs.Malhotra".
She nodded. Zara took a selfie with her for the very first time.
Thank you mam...ah...mum.
That picture, first happy picture.

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